20 Unbelievably Crazy Tourist Photos

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20 Unbelievably Crazy Tourist Photos

Every tourist wants nothing more than to capture their experience in pictures. Some silly postures and crazy wacky faces can make a picture memorable and unique. But these 20 tourists have gone too far with their photos.

20. An adorable squirrel

Never thought anyone would be so dedicated to taking a picture of a little black squirrel.

19. Delfiniphobia

You heard that right. The extreme fear of dolphins is called Delfiniphobia. And this kid probably still has it.

18. Poor tower

Hey, that’s a cool, tall tower right there. But really, you can make more decent poses than that.

17. I love garbage

Is it really necessary to spread your legs when you take a picture of garbage? Why would you take a picture of rubbish anyway?

16. Stretching

…And another one! Is this some kind of trend for tourists? Does stretching your legs really give you the best shot?

15. The Incredibles

Have you watched The Incredibles? You know, that cartoon movie about a cool family of superheroes? This family must be their real life version. Just look at how they protect the world from those big, harsh waves!

14. A literal photobomb

This is what happens when you care about nothing but taking a picture. But this is pretty cool – an actual bomb explosion photobombing you.

13. The statue of Liberty

Never thought the Statue of Liberty has little living kids!

12. Attack of the baboons

Every tourist would love this experience, except the part where your car and stuff is ruined. But if it’s for this pack of adorable baboons, we can let it pass, can’t we?

11. Silly tourists everywhere

Isn’t this tourist spot a little familiar from that picture you saw a while ago? But anyway, these tourists really look silly and adorable. This is how it looks like outside the dramatic hipster-like Instagram picture you double-tapped seconds ago.

10. Welcome back, Stacie!

This little girl needs to have a 10-year training on how to master Photoshop. She also needs to pick a better picture.

9. The Corn Field

Creepy, isn’t it? That picture looks similar to The Children of the Corn, a short horror movie about a couple trapped in a cornfield town where a creepy cult of children believes adults must be killed.

8. Groufie!

All of their faces are truly priceless. The adorable stingray looks so happy and excited for the groufie, while those two (the girls at the center and to the left) seem pretty petrified. The girl on the right seems like she doesn’t know a thing about what is really happening.

7. A family of Mickey Mouse fans

They’re not in Disneyland, but why are they all wearing Mickey Mouse shirts? Guess they’re just really big, loyal fans of the Disney cartoon.

6. Kneel down

You know you’re a real tourist when you pause, put down all your baggage, get out your camera, and kneel down on the ground just to take the best shot.

5. The Three Musketeers

Actually, Disney’s Three Musketeers are much cooler than these grown-up men. They’re probably the only ones who think what they’re wearing is good. Their friendship seems true, though.

4. Am I doing it right?

You should have asked this before the photo was captured. The photographer who took this bad tourist picture should have just adjusted and moved around a little bit. What a waste.

3. Yeehaw!

This dude looks like your classmate from 6th grade who always ended up facing the wall. Now he’s going places and has started doing silly, naughty stuff again. Yep, some people never learn.

2. Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth

To anyone who claims this place is the happiest place on Earth, this family of poker faces challenges you.

1. Don’t fall! Don’t…


The most important thing every tourist must know: Safety first.


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