15 Photos Captured At the Perfect Time

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It doesn’t take much to be a photographer. Any guy with a camera can just point, shoot and take good photos. But being a great one is an entirely different story. There are tricks to taking the perfect photo. The angle should be flawless. The subject should be in the right spot. The lighting should be just right. The settings should be precise. The art direction should be meaningful.

Through the years, we have developed techniques and technology that allow us to take the best photographs, but what good is all that if you don’t have a good eye?

Regardless of whether these photos were taken by a really skilled photographer or just an average dude with a camera, they sure are shots that encompass perfection! And they did not require any Photoshopping skills either! Without further ado, we bring you these 15 photos that were captured at the perfect time.


1. Buddha: Not Too Fast, Mr. Plane

Perfect angle, check! Great timing, check! Concept, a big check! It’s like when your mom sees something wrong while you’re in a hurry to go outside.

2. The Vortex Eye

Who knew you could make an eye out of used bubble bath water? This black and white photo is bubble bath perfection!

3. A Sleepy Soldier

Slap bang in the middle of this photo is a yawning soldier in a sea of men in uniform. Just look at how straight those diagonal lines are, though. Great job, sleepy soldier!

4. Blowing Some Clouds

“Don’t mind me. I’m just blowing some clouds.” It’s the angle that makes this adorable photo a perfect piece. Check out the alignment of the horn and the clouds. It’s just flawless!

5. Crowned by an Ad

Is he a king or a referee? With the help of Budweiser, I guess he’s both! Perfectly timed.

6. Ouch.

Little did he know, he wasn’t going to be the star of the photo. Nice work on the Rule of Thirds, though. I guess the rule was invented for this precise moment. It pays to have a perfect photo. But sometimes it’s just your lucky day… and someone’s worst.

7. Flamingo-ception.

Flamingos, forming the shape of a flamingo! I believe the one word to describe this phenomenal photo is PERFECT! Can’t get enough of this incredible pink goodness!


9. Purrr-fect!

Somebody give this adorable creature its snack! She’s obviously hungry and there you are snapping hilarious perfectly timed photos of her! She’s probably ashamed now.

10. Doggy Mural

It’s almost as if this cute doggy just materialized from the mural behind. The doggy-ception, though. We’re looking at a picture of a dog and a mural of the dog.

11. Who’s More Afraid?

By the looks of it, the dog and the mouse are both afraid of each other, leaping as if they don’t have time for gravity. Not today, gravity. Not today.

12. How Tall is Tall?

This photo is gold. It’s all a matter of perspective. The giraffe probably just wanted to help out so he decides to carry the plane to safety. Friendly guy, that giraffe.

13. Tennis Ball Rotating Sprinkler

Some shot, that is. Brace yourself, a tennis ball rotating sprinkler is coming for you!

14. Just Some Badass Seagull

Call the police!

15. Magic Carpet


That’s one way to deliver a speech!


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