17 Worst Parent Lies You Didn’t Realize Until Adulthood

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17 Worst Parent Lies You Didn’t Realize Until Adulthood

Let’s face it. Everybody lies. And that includes your parents. Parents lie, but they don’t want you to. They can lie about the existence of Santa Claus or about how good-looking you are even with all those pimples on your face. Yup, they lied and maybe still do. But they do it for your own good. Of course, as parents, they want nothing but the best for you. These 17 worst parent lies, however, are definitely not good. You probably only realized they were a big lie after adulthood. So, let’s go back to how your parents lied when you were a child.

1. Ears turn red when lying

Surprisingly, some people actually believe that ears turn red when you’re lying, while others say it’s just another lie parents make up to keep their kids from telling lies. Either way, this probably got you at one point or another.

2. Sitting too close to the T.V. ruins your eyesight

How can watching T.V. close-up ruin our vision but staring at our phone just an inch away from the eyes not?

3. Standing near the microwave can give you cancer

One of the things that mesmerized us as kids was watching the food go round in circles inside the microwave. Your parents often told you not to going near it to avoid the harmful waves that cause cancer. Sounds factual, huh?

4. Hills are where giants are buried

This is one wise trick parents use to convince their kids not to go too far especially when out on a picnic or a family trip in unfamiliar places. It creeps you out, though.

5. Peeing in the pool will change the color of the water

There’s no kid who doesn’t get terrified at the thought of the pool changing color. Even when warned and scared, most of us still took the chance, though. Probably still do!

6. Carrots give X-ray vision

It’s true that carrots hold tremendous benefits for eyesight, but x-ray vision? Oh man, now that’s an exaggeration.

7. If you eat a watermelon seed, its plant will grow inside your belly

If it causes no harm to our body, why did our parents tell us that? Regardless of the reason, it’s baseless. Those seeds might have given you a lot of health benefits. Well, you can try eating them now and see for yourself.

8. Swallow a chewing gum and have your poop bounce up and down the toilet

This is probably the biggest and grossest lie you ever heard from your parents. Some kids actually cry when they accidentally swallow some gum.

9. A swallowed gum will stay inside your tummy for seven years

It’s funny how this lie comes with a specific length of years. Seven years? That’s a long time. At least this lie is much better than the previous bouncing poop thingy.

10. Drinking coffee can stop your growth

Coffee isn’t advisable for kids, but it won’t really as much harm as stopping your growth. Your parents probably just wanted you to stay healthy – or maybe they just wanted to save the coffee for themselves. You know, most adults are kind of obsessed with coffee.

11. Swimming 30 minutes after eating is a no-no

There’s no specific reason for this one. Most of us often hear this when we get out of the pool to get food. Probably, parents want their beloved to rest or keep out of the sun for a while, but as kids, it only felt like a waste of time. Those thirty minutes could have been spent splashing around in the pool.

12. Your pet went to a farm

You might’ve heard this when your favorite pet died and your parents didn’t have the heart to tell you the whole sad story.

13. You’ll get ugly warts if you touch a toad

Now that you’re a grown-up, you might be asking yourself who would want to touch a toad anyway? You don’t need to be told a lie for you to not touch a toad. It’s just gross.

14. Your hair will grow faster if you cut it

Kids really hate having their hair cut. You probably did too when you were little. That’s why parents come up with this lie.

15. Make that face and it will forever be like that

As an adult, you find kids’ silly faces cute. But it can eventually get on your nerves. Maybe that’s the reason why this lie was invented.

16. You cannot lick your elbow

This is probably the least outrageous lie your parents have told you when you were young. Although some people can really lick their elbows, the majority cannot. Why did your parents tell you this anyway? For no particular reason. Most likely they just wanted to see how your face will look like as you desperately try to lick your elbows.

17. Every rice grain left is bad luck


This is the perfect lie for picky eaters. If you’ve heard this from your parents, you were probably one too.


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