Photoshop Has Made These 20 Celebrities Look Hilariously Fat

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Fat Celebrities

Celebrities always seem to have smoking hot, bikini-ready bodies. It’s probably time for you to see them in a different way with the help of the ever powerful Photoshop. Let’s see how hilarious these 20 celebrities would look if they were fat.

20. Paris Hilton

The socialite once said “I think it’s important for girls to be confident. Believe in yourself and… everybody’s hot.” Paris will love you no matter what. But would you be willing to show your love even if she becomes this fat?

19. Kim and Kanye

According to Radar Online, Kanye complained about Kim getting fat a few months ago. Everyone might probably be okay with Kanye getting fat, but Kim? The booty-ful Kim? Yet she still has those smokey eyes!

18. Jay-Z and Beyoncé

After giving birth to her first child, Blue Ivy Carter, in 2012, Beyoncé still seems to be nowhere near gaining weight. Is she ever going to get fat?

17. William and Kate

Oh no, not the royal family! Everyone is used to seeing them looking fabulous and glamorous and it’s quite shocking to see them look like ordinary people.

16. Hilary Duff

The beautiful american actress and singer who has sold more than 15 million records over the past 15 years, already looks awkward in the normal picture. Why do you have to make it worse?

15. Jennifer Aniston

Are you willing to still be friends with “Rachel Green” no matter how fat she becomes? Frankly, Jennifer, who was several times named the Most Beautiful Woman of the Year, is almost unrecognizable in that photo.

14. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

It seems that Mr. and Mrs. Smith are still having a good time together in this photo. Sadly, the celebrity couple has recently decided to call it quits.

13. The Kardashian Women

You didn’t expect these legendary women on the list, did you? The clothes, the extra weight, the hair style… to be honest, the Kardashian women are almost unrecognizable in this photo.

12. Rihanna

As usual, Rihanna looks so beautiful here. The Barbadian singer just looks a little bit cuter and chubbier, though. Still a lovely woman.

11. Jessica Alba

Millions of guys (and girls probably) will cry when they find out Jessica Alba, one of the most beautiful woman in the world, has become hilariously fat! It’s fair to admit that no one would recognize her on the street.

10. Britney Spears

Oops! It seems like Britney did it again! In real life, the now 34-year-old famous singer is also known for her yo-yo diet. The star has blamed it on too many Starbucks Frappucinos.

9. Madonna

Not all celebrities would look awful if they gained weight. Just look at how gorgeous Madonna is. The 58-year-old star looks happier and healthier in a plus size, doesn’t she?

8. Johnny Depp

Johnny is one of the coolest actors, who has performed perfectly in almost every role in movies – from a pirate, to a Mad Hatter, to a chocolate factory owner. He has literally done everything, but do you remember Johnny being hilariously fat for a role?

7. Megan Fox

Oh no. The actress who played Mikaela Banes in the blockbuster film Transformers can’t be fat. Megan won’t be able to wear her stepson’s shirt if that happens. She won’t be able to wear undersized Chicharito shirts, either.

5. Tom Cruise

Would you still call Tom Cruise a Hottie after seeing this? You probably still will, because his charisma certainly doesn’t diminish. Or does it? Granted, his “new” attire makes a big difference.

4. Miley Cyrus

Miley will probably wreck a ball after seeing this hilarious Photoshopped throwback picture from the 80’s. But she looks cute and innocent in this epic portrait.

3. Nicole Kidman

That make-up definitely doesn’t suit such a big, round face. And look at her eyes. They just look so creepy. Joking aside, Nicole Kidman intentionally put on more than 10 pounds for the movies “The Reader” (2007) and “The Paperboy” (2012). Luckily she didn’t have any problem getting back in shape.

2. Paris Hilton version 2

And another Paris Hilton picture! She looks slimmer here compared to the other one, but her hair looks awful. Wait, is that even her hair? It looks like a wig. Still, with all that extra weight, she wouldn’t go unnoticed.

1. Jennifer Lopez


J-Lo can’t really be fat. How can she hit the floor with that size? Anyway, this Photoshopped picture is flawless. J-Lo is, too. Her head just looks a little bit smaller than her body. Well, it’s really supposed to be smaller, but it just doesn’t fit the size of her lower body.


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