15 Photos That Prove the 90s Were The Best Time Ever

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15 Photos That Prove the 90s Were The Best Time Ever

The 90s will always be the decade to beat when it comes to childhood memories. We dug the Britney Spears-Justin Timberlake team-up and bopped our heads to Aaron Carter and Hansen. We swooned over young Leo with a passion and wrote his and your name in a game of MASH. Some of us grunged it out with Kurt Cobain, mourned his death and, with a lot of conviction, believed it wasn’t suicide. We souled out to Monica and Destiny’s Child and felt a bit guilty for choosing favorites. We also had trouble operating the desktop computer and downloading music.Our fashion sense was anything but plain; celebrities are to blame the most for that!

1. Less Piracy

Piracy wasn’t a thing back in the 90s because people rented movies legally. Yes, the odds of you renting a good copy weren’t very high but at least you had a clean heart.

2. Rules Are Everything

Practice good movie rental etiquettes. At all times.

3. Michael Jordan

No 90s list would be complete without this ultimate 90s athlete. Ahh… Michael Jordan. Remember Space Jam?

4. You Understand This Photo

Child, back in the days, we didn’t have apps. We didn’t have bugs. We just had dusty video games. And there’s no better way to troubleshoot the problem than to blow the dust away. Voila!

5. Huge Sharpeners

You had a love-hate relationship with these as a kid. The sound it makes whenever you sharpen a pencil is eargasmic and oddly satisfying until your knuckles begin to hurt.

6. Gel-Pens

Speaking of school supplies, remember when these were the thing back in the day? Most gel-pens came in fruit-scented ink and colors that ranged from milky pastel shades to bright neon ones.

7. The Disney Era

This is pretty much self-explanatory. The 90s was the renaissance period for Disney. We were raised watching these classics and channeled our inner Disney princes and princesses while at it. It was an amazing time to be alive.

8. Dial-up Internet

You could mimic the sounds of your dial-up and sighed when your parents made you quit because they wanted to use the phone.

9. Goosebumps Books

Reader beware… you choose the scare! These books gave you the thrill of a lifetime as you finished them with several possible endings.

10. Sassy and Kurt-Courtney

Ain’t love grand? “Kurt Cobain was a revolutionary icon and his death wasn’t a suicide,” believed everyone.

11. Boy Bands

Boy bands dominated the music industry. Despite wearing ridiculous oversized clothing which would make today’s generation cringe to bits, these guys still had more fan girls and less haters. Beat that, Justin Beiber!

12. This Windows 95 Video Guide

The only thing that connects Friends to Windows 95 is that both were madly popular during the same timeframe. This is probably one of the most 90s picture on the internet. I mean, what’s not to love?

13. Mary Kate and Ashley

Mary Kate and Ashley were the biggest celebrity twins in the 90s. Let’s face it, these round, tinted frame glasses just aren’t 90s enough because John Lennon already made them iconic in the Beatles Era of the 60s, but these twins definitely rocked them.

14. 8-Bit Video Games

Kids of the 90s will definitely feel super nostalgic for these. Graphics don’t matter. Any game in the 90s was a good game and no one can ever deny that.

15. Your Ultimate Life-Planner


This was how kids of the 90s solved all problems, whether it was choosing to do or not to do chores at home or which boy/girl in school you would date.


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