A Complete List Of James Bond Girls

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A Complete List Of James Bond Girls

They say that “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. That statement is quite true when it comes to Agent 007. A James Bond movie can’t be complete without a James Bond Girl. This list of Bond Girls will remind you why James Bond seems to fall under a love spell in every movie.

1. Eunice Gayson as Sylvia Trench

Did you forget who the first bond girl was? It was Eunice Gayson! This english actress played the role of Sylvia Trench, James Bond’s girlfriend in the first two films.

2. Daniela Bianchi as Tatiana Romanova

Before playing the role of a bond girl, Daniela Bianchi was known as a popular model and a runner-up in a Miss Universe pageant, where she represented Italy. Her first big break in films was when she played the role of Tatiana Romanova in James Bond’s “From Russia with Love”.

3. Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson

Who can forget the phenomenal James Bond film “Goldfinger”? No one can ever forget about that James Bond girl who was painted in gold.  And yep, that was Shirley Eaton.

4. Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore

Honor Blackman was another bond girl in “Goldfinger”. She played the role of Pussy Galore, which is a very naughty name for a very phenomenal role. This is another reason the “Goldfinger” is one of the most popular James Bond film.

5. Claudine Auger as Dominique “Domino” Derval

Auger is another James Bond girl who started as a runner-up in a pageant. Her popularity as a model and a beauty queen helped her achieve the opportunity to play the role of Dominique “Domino” Derval in the James bond film “Thunderball”.

6. Akiko Wakabayashi as Aki

Akiko may not be the first bond girl in history, but she is the first non-European one. In the James bond film “You Only Live Twice”, Akiko portrayed Aki, the right hand woman of the head of a Japanese Secret Service.

7. Diana Rigg as Countess Teresa di Vicenzo

Rigg is one of those bond girls who have been around on TV both before and after a James Bond role. Prior to playing Countess Teresa di Vicenzo in the bond film “Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, she had a starring role in a British version of “The Avengers”.

Rigg can currently still be seen on TV. In fact, you can regularly see her on HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, playing the role of Olenna Tyrell.

8. Lana Wood as Plenty O’Toole

At the peak of her career, Lana Wood finally got one of her biggest breaks in the industry. She played the role of Plenty O’Toole in the James Bond film “Diamonds are Forever”. Today, she continues her career as an actress and a film producer.

9. Jill St. John as Tiffany Case

Jill is another bond girl in “Diamonds are Forever”. She made several appearances in other films, but she didn’t get another role as big as this.

10. Jane Seymour as the sultry Solitaire

Probably one of the hottest bond girl was played by Jane. She has made millions of boys fall in love with her in the role of the sultry Solitaire in “Live and Let die”.

11. Gloria Hendry as Rosie Carver

From the first bond girl to the first non-European bond girl, we now have the first black bond girl. She played the role of Rosie Carver, a kickass CIA agent in “Live and Let die”.

12. Maud Adams as Andrea Anders and Octopussy

Yep, Adams played two different roles in two different James Bond films. She first played the role of Andrea Anders in “The Man with the Golden Gun”. Then she appeared in a bond film again in a much bigger role as Octopussy in the movie “Octopussy”. And yeah, another naughty name again.

13. Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight

Britt played Mary Goodnight in the bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun”. She was Agent 007’s assistant.

14. Barbara Bach as Anya Amasova

Bach started her career as a model when she was just 16. She appeared in several films before being cast for the popular bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me” in 1977.

15. Lois Chiles as Dr. Holly Goodhead

Just like most of the bond girls here, Lois also started with a modeling career. She took part in several films before she eventually ended up as Dr. Holly Goodhead in the James Bond film “Moonraker”.

16. Corinne Cléry as Corinne Dufour

Corinne Cléry is a French actress with a successful career in her country. In fact, she has starred in more than 50 films and TV shows, but her career further bloomed when she became part of the cast of the popular bond film “Moonraker”. She played the character of Corinne Dufour, the assistant of the film’s antagonist.


17. Lynn-Holly Johnson as Bibi Dahl

Unlike other bond girls on this list, Lynn-Holly was neither a model nor a beauty queen. She actually started as a skater! In fact, she was so good at it that she won several medals and awards for her exceptional talent.



Skating and acting are totally different careers, so it’s amazing that it somehow became a springboard for her big break in a James Bond film. Uh huh, she’s one lucky girl. She played Bibi Dahl in the bond movie “For Your Eyes Only”.


18. Carole Bouquet as Melina Havelock

She was with the other bond girl, Lynn-Holly Johnson, in the film “For Your Eyes Only”. She portrayed the role of Melina Havelock.

19. Grace Jones

Grace Jones was a Jamaican model and musician before she appeared as a Bond girl. Her first break in acting came when she starred in a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. She then got the role of a bond girl in the film “A View to a Kill”.

20. Maryam d’Abo as Kara Milovy

D’Abo played the role of the bond girl named Kara Milovy in “The Living Daylights”. One of her biggest contributions is “Bond Girls are Forever”, a tribute book to all of the actresses who played the role of a Bond girl through the years.

21. Teri Hatcher as Paris Carver

Teri Hatcher is one of those Bond girls who reached tremendous success after a bond girl role. She played the role of Paris Carver in “Tomorrow Never Dies”.

22. Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin

Yeoh was a popular actress in China for the coolest kick-ass roles she had in several action films. This has eventually given her one of the biggest breaks in her acting career. She also portrayed the lead role in Crouching Tiger.

23. Sophie Marceau as Elektra King

Starting as a very successful actress in Europe, Marceau quickly gained popularity, which made her a good choice for the role of Elektra King in “The World is Not Enough”.

24. Denise Richards as Christmas Jones

Being one of the hottest stars, Richards has portrayed many roles in several big films. The biggest role she has had was her role as Christmas Jones in the bond film “The World is not Enough”.

25. Halle Berry

Hale Berry James Bond



Now, this is who you have all been waiting for; everybody’s favorite Halle Berry. Who doesn’t love the way this hot girl comes out of the ocean?


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