You Won’t Believe What These 12 People Did With Their Dead Relatives

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You Won’t Believe What These 12 People Did With Their Dead Relatives


The 1880s or what we now know as the Victorian Era had a tradition that people of today would certainly find creepy and even cruel — post-mortem photography, which is also referred to as a “mourning portrait”. However, in those days, this tradition was meant to pay respect to their deceased loved ones.  And what’s more mind-blowing is the fact that this was practiced up until the early 20th century. It became more common when the daguerreotype, the first photographic method, was invented. Most of these post-mortem photos depicted the dead as lifelike as possible, with their eyes wide open or in a standing position. It was a means for the family to cope with their loss and to preserve the memory of their departed family members, hence a memento mori. There are some things that we should just leave in the past, and Post-mortem Photography is one of those.

1. This wide-eyed son.

Can this photograph be any creepier? The look on the kid’s face seems too lifelike for him to be perceived as dead.

2. This photograph that reads “tragedy” all over.

The child in this photo may look as if she is just sleeping, but the looks on her parents’ faces show the real tragedy.

3. Fathers with children lost to illness.

Although we don’t have facts to determine the cause of their deaths, it is safe to say that these children had suffered from illnesses when they were alive. The one on the left apparently had down syndrome. It’s truly heart-breaking to see the looks on their fathers’ faces.

4. This Upright Dead Man.

This photo was taken two years after this man’s death and five days before his designated burial date. The embalmers sure did an amazing job preserving his corpse. That’s right. We’re looking at a dead man standing here.

5. Standing Inside an Upright Coffin.

We get it when family members take pictures with the dead inside the coffin. But exposing them like this? If post-mortem photography was the thing in this era, this one is rather unorthodox.

6. Spot the Dead.

It sure is hard to spot the dead person in this vintage photograph. Their eyes all look the same. My guess would probably be the standing girl. The woman’s eyes are looking straight into the camera and the man is seen holding a rolled-up piece of paper, so it must be the girl… who is standing.

7. This Unfortunate Scenario.

With eyes wide open, this boy looks so alive, although his lifeless body gives it away.

8. Motherly Love

This beautiful daughter, with sickly but open eyes, just seems to be resting her head on her mother’s shoulders. Unknown to many, they have a deep dark secret.

9. These Abandoned Parents

These parents pose with their daughter who looks like she’s still at the brink of death but not really there yet. The looks on their faces show signs of grief. Their eyes, all too shiny, as if they were tearing up.

10. Who’s Dead and Who’s Not?

Who is dead and who is not? Is it the seated woman holding a photograph or the woman standing upright? It’s really hard to tell.

11. This Beauty

Hard to determine if she’s dead, isn’t it. Posing with lovely flowers on a tabletop, she just looks a little sad.

12. The Baby and The Lady In The Shadows


In order to keep this infant sitting upright and in that regal pose, a shadowing prop had to be present.


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