21 Underwater Wonders That Will Mesmerize You

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21 Underwater Wonders That Will Mesmerize You

The earth is predominantly covered by water — oceans that are practically bottomless and full of mystery. Most of us get terrified at the mere thought of drifting a meter away from the shore, while some are brave enough to dive deep and discover hidden wonders. If you’re one of those who are hungry for exploring underwater mysteries, you better take a look at the following photos. You won’t appreciate the deep sea waters until you see these 21 underwater wonders.

21. The blend

In addition to camouflage, many sea creatures can also blend in with the water, stones, or corals. Pretty impressive!

20. Finding Nemo

Have you ever realized that your favorite cartoon movie Finding Nemo is based on the real underwater world? You actually have the chance to pet one! Hint: Nemo is a Clown fish.

19. Beautiful Pinks

The underwater world is as colorful as a rainbow. You’ve probably heard about the sea being deep and dark, but it’s actually full of colors. Just look at how this pink sea creature fascinatingly looks like a cotton candy!

18. Underwater star

And hey! The underwater world also has stars! This is a common starfish you might have already seen and touched, but there are more of them in the deep seas that are way more amazing and unique.

17. Underwater bioluminescence

One of the most magical wonders under the sea is bioluminescence. Well, it’s really not magic. It’s biology.

16. Now you see me

Almost every fish in the ocean has big eyes, especially those that live millions of meters below the surface. They receive little to no light. Big eyes allow them to see in the darkest parts of the ocean. This is probably also the reason behind bioluminescence. It’s their way of adapting. Isn’t it cool?

15. See through

There are a lot of see-through or transparent creatures under the ocean. This larva of an eel looks like it has almost nothing but a skeleton. Really wonderful!

14. A mushroom or a jellyfish?

Just like seahorses and sea lions, this group of jellyfish is also familiar to a land creature. Can we call them sea mushrooms?

13. Home of giant squids

The giant squid story is pretty famous. But actually, it isn’t just a story. Almost all squids under the ocean are giants for real!

12. Brain coral

This beautiful underwater coral interestingly resembles a brain. At least you can picture how your brain looks.

11. Family

A research says sea creatures are a lot like humans. They have companions that they consider family for life. They’re also like wolf packs. They love to go and swim around together.

10. Sea plants

You probably see this every time you swim ashore, but there’s more of it on the ocean floor than what you see on the shallow surface.

9. Tubeworms

Just like plants, tubeworms are anchored to a spot. They can, however, move their bodies around the water and withdraw from their base. Other kinds of tubeworms even have roots, which extend into sediment.

8. Navigation in the dark

Even with big eyes and bioluminescence, navigating in the deep, dark parts of the ocean can still be hard. Some sea creatures therefore use their tentacles to move and swim in the ocean.

7. Protection from predators

You’re right in thinking the underwater world can be dangerous. For most animals in the sea, it’s a world full of predators. That’s why they sometimes need to use smaller, weaker sea creatures as a shield for protection.

6. The art of camouflage

Smaller, weaker creatures need to protect themselves by mastering the art of camouflage. It’s much easier to hide than to swim in slow motion in the water.

5. Underwater Christmas celebration

The underwater world celebrates holidays, too! Those yellow, blue, orange, and white Christmas tree-like creatures you see are actually Christmas tree worms!

4. Majestic sea turtles

Sea turtles are great travelers! They travel in groups for hundreds of miles. Some say they travel up to 1300 miles a day.

3. Fish are friends

If there’s one thing someone with Thalassophobia, Bathophobia, Aquaphobia, or whatever you call a person with extreme fear of the sea needs to know, it’s that fish are friends. If you still carry that phobia from years ago when you visited a pet shop and a fish bit you, get over it. Maybe that fish was just desperate to go back to the sea.

2. Deep sea vents

Do you have an air vent inside the house? Well, deep sea oceans have that, too. These sea vents are one of the effects of diverging and converging tectonic plates. The vents release some sort of smoke as the cold deep seawater is heated by hot magma under the sea floor.

1. Schools of fish


It’s sweet how fish protect each other by staying together. A school of fish often shoos away divers, but sometimes, it accommodates them.


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