You Won’t Believe These 30 Creepy And Abandoned Places Actually Exist

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You Won’t Believe These 30 Creepy And Abandoned Places Actually Exist

Places are supposed to evoke certain feelings in humans. Some bring out happiness while others bring out sadness. However, there are some places that have been out of touch with civilization for a long time and have developed an aura of eeriness or one that is hauntingly beautiful. Do you recognize some of the creepy, abandoned places that are on the list?

30. Mirny Diamond Mine

Located in Eastern Siberia, Russia, Mirny Diamond Mine has been labelled the second biggest man-made hole in the entire world.

29. Pripyat

Before this Ukrainian city suffered from a nuclear-related accident, it was home to about 50,000 inhabitants.

28. Czestochowa Train Depot

In Poland, you will find a complete set of an abandoned railroad system that belonged to the Warsaw-Vienna Railway during the mid-19th century.

27. Willard Asylum

Found in Willard, New York, Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane opened its doors to patients in 1869.

26. Sanzhi UFO Houses

In San Zhi, Taiwan, these series of UFO houses were once part of a leisure resort.

25. Six Flags Jazzland

In New Orleans, Louisiana, this amusement park brought thrill to kids and adults alike from 2000-2002.

24. Gulliver’s Travels Park

This park in Kawaguchi, Japan, was opened to the public in 1997 but was forced to close down in 2001 due to unprofitability.

23. Canfranc Rail Station

This train station opened in 1928 and closed down in 1970 when a derailment occurred.

22. Chateau Miranda

Located in Celles, Belgium, this beautiful castle was once a home and an orphanage.

21. Abandoned Coal Plant

The deterioration of the metal belonging to this plant in France makes it cherished among steampunk fans.

20. Eilean Donan (Loch Duich, Scotland)

Found in Loch Duich, Scotland, this famous castle was built on top of an island where 3 lakes meet.

19. City Hall Station

This train station in New York has one of the most beautiful architectural models and designs.

18. Orpheum Auditorium

In New Bedford, Massachusetts, the Orpheum Auditorium once showcased vaudeville acts and movies.

17. Wreck of the SS America

Somewhere in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands lies the SS America shipwreck.

16. Underwater City

Atlantis does exist in Shi Cheng, China.

15. Abandoned Domino Sugar Factory (Brooklyn, New York)

Situated in Brooklyn, New York, its buildings can be dated back to as early as 1882.

14. Red Sands Sea Forts

In Sealand, United Kingdom, these strange structures were built by the British against the Nazi invasion.

13. Overgrown section of the Great Wall

In a part of the Great Wall of China, nature has taken over.

12. Michigan Central Station

It was built in 1913 in Detroit, Michigan and shut down in 1988.

11. Dadipark

This amusement park located in Dadizel, Belgium was closed down due to an unfortunate accident.

10. Military Hospital

Set in Beelitz, Germany, this military hospital was used during Hitler’s regime.

9. Empty Organ Room

The remnants of a dilapidated organ room.

8. Abandoned church with chairs still standing

A lonely church that was once used for religious gatherings.

7. Wonderland Amusement Park

This park located in Beijing, China was never completed.

6. An Abandoned Rocket Factory

Here are the remains of a Russian rocket factory.

5. El Hotel del Salto

In Colombia, this once luxurious hotel was built facing the beautiful Tequendama Falls.

4. Christ of the Abyss

In San Fruttuoso, Italy, you can dive down and find a submerged bronze statue of Jesus Christ.

3. Eastern State Penitentiary (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this prison held criminals from 1829 to 1971.

2. Kolmanskop

German miners used to roam this little town in Namibia.

1.102-year-old floating forest (Sydney, Australia)


Situated in Sydney, Australia, this transport ship was once used during the Second World War.


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