13 Celebs Who Have Sued Their Parents

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13 Celebs Who Have Sued Their Parents

Not everyone knows how to handle their finances properly – even if they are parents. Fame can lead to damaged egos and relationships too. Whatever reason there may be, here are celebrities who have sued their parents.

13. Ariel Winter

After a long custodial battle, Ariel Winter became legally emancipated from her mother Chrisoula Workman, who this Modern Family star claimed was emotionally abusive.

12. Billy Unger

This television actor from Lab Rats sued his father/manager who charged his own son 33% as commission, misused $400,000 of his earnings and even stole $120,000 to spend on an extravagant holiday with his girlfriend.

11. Gary Coleman

This child actor was involved in a 4-year legal battle against his parents over the earnings he made from the popular 80s television show Diff’rent Strokes. At the end, he recovered a substantial amount of money and reconciled with his parents.

10. Macaulay Culkin

This child actor hit an all-time high when he played the part of Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. At the time, his parents were divorced and constantly fought about who was entitled to the $17 million earnings. It was resolved when the money was sorted out by an accountant and Culkin was able to retrieve it when he was of age.

9. Chris Warren

He appeared on High School Movie which sealed his name in the acting business. However, he claimed that his parents had stolen thousands of dollars from his earnings. In the end, he filed and won a case against them and recovered the money.

8. Aaron Carter

This 90s singer decided to sue his mother, Jane Elizabeth, who was also his manager, for the mismanagement of finances. Previously, Carter’s parents had ue Carter’s former manager, Lou Pearlman who is currently in federal prison for running one of the largest Ponzi’s schemes in history.

7. Leighton Meester

Playing Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl had catapulted her career into the spotlight; this actress would send at least $7,500 monthly to cover her brother’s hospital expenses. However, her mother did not manage these finances properly and spent them on herself. This caused Meester to sue her mother.

6. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian

Famous for their reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, these sisters sued their former stepmother Ellen Pearson who allowed the personal possessions of the late Robert Kardashian to be photographed, which they insisted they have rights to.

5. Leann Rimes

Leann Rimes, who became a star singer at age 13, accused her father, who at the time was her co-manager, of stealing as much as $7 million of her earnings. In return, he countersued saying that she owed him money. Things were reconciled between the two when they reached a settlement.

4. Kobe Bryant

Basketball legend Kobe Bryant declared that his parents had been taking his prized possessions and selling them at an auction. Things got ugly but they were able to reach a settlement where Bryant agreed that they could sell six items at the auction.

3. Shirley Temple

Being one of the biggest child stars of her time, Shirley Temple had pretty much everything at such a young age– from commercials to movies. Like most parents, hers had mismanaged her earnings too, losing about $3 million. She was surprised to find that there were only $44,000 in the bank when she decided to retire at the age of 22.

2. Jena Malone

This child star made a comeback through her roles in the series of Hunger Games. At the age of 14, she filed for emancipation against her mother for mishandling her daughter’s earnings and college fund.

1. Corey Feldman


This phenomenal child star was famous for his roles in Stand by Me and The Goonies. Since he was earning plenty of money at a young age, his parents weren’t able to properly manage the sudden influx of income. At the age of 15, he decided to file for emancipation against his parents.


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