15 Celebs Who Luckily Survived Plane Accidents

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15 Celebs Who Luckily Survived Plane Accidents

Statistics show that there are over 130 plane crashes on average every year worldwide in both public and private flights. Unlike commercial flights, the private flights of celebrities and important personalities are highly specialized and prioritized. Even so, plane accidents still occur. No matter how good the pilot is or how great the facilities are, unexpected things can still happen. Let’s pause and thank the heavens for saving some of our favorite stars. The following are 15 celebrities who were lucky enough to escape death from terrible plane accidents. Start the slideshow now!

15. Harrison Ford

One of the most phenomenal plane crash cases in recent times is probably this “Indiana Jones” star’s plane crash. Harrison’s vintage WWII plane dramatically crash-landed on Penmar Golf Course in Venice. It’s shocking and, at the same time, a relief to know that he only got minor injuries in this terrible accident.

14. Sandra Bullock

In 2000, Sandra Bullock had a flight from Texas to Wyoming. The weather wasn’t good and there was almost zero visibility because of snow. Upon descent, the plane completely missed the landing area. Almost everybody freaked out, but nobody was hurt. What a relief.

13. Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze had an emergency landing of his plane back in 2000. He said that the crash was because of pressurization problems, but a box of beer was found in his plane, which explains it all.

12. Miranda Lambert

It’s amazing how people nowadays stay connected to social media even during traumatic times. The private jet she got onto lost pressure and had an emergency landing, so she had to spend three hours waiting until the plane could fly again. Miranda’s fans knew about her plane crash incident not just through the media, but via Instagram, too. Right after the accident happened, Miranda posted a picture on Instagram, sharing how they survived it with platinum fire suits. The country music artist wasn’t worried at all!


11. Travis Barker

The American rock band “Blink-182” drummer Travis Barker was lucky enough to survive a terrible plane crash back in 2008. The plane he got on crashed just before it could finally take-off.



The plane was flying off the ground at high speed when the pilot noticed a tire problem. So he forcibly aborted the take-off and the plane crashed. Only Travis and the American DJ Adam Goldstein survived the accident.


10. Bono

The U2 frontman suffered some serious injuries from the terrible plane accident in 2014. They were flying on a plane from Dublin to Berlin when the door and the rear hatch of the plane tore and flew off. Luckily, the plane was strong enough to continue in the air and land safely.

9. Ben Cauley

This very fortunate trumpet player was the only one to survive the 1967 plane accident that killed 8 passengers. The late American singer-songwriter and producer Otis Redding was on board too. The cause of the plane crash is unknown.

8. Ed Robertson

The “Barenaked Ladies” lead singer Ed Robertson was on a floatplane with his wife and their two friends when the plane suddenly stopped and landed in the woods. With all the trees around, they had to get out through the windows. They had minor injuries, but nobody was badly hurt.

7. Jackson Rathbone

“Jasper Hale” of the film “Twilight”, Jackson Rathbone unfortunately didn’t have vampire powers to keep the plane he was on board safe. One of the plane’s engines malfunctioned and so the pilot had to go back to Long Beach to land. Nobody was hurt, though.

6. Barack Obama

When Obama was just a senator in 2008, he got into a plane that collided into another plane while taxiing at Midway Airport in Chicago. There were no injuries, though. He’s a president now, so he surely flies in better planes nowadays.

5. Ashton Kutcher

Before marrying Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were together, flying in a plane to New York in 2009. The plane’s engine was overheated, so it made an emergency landing. Nobody was injured. The star even tweeted right after the incident happened.

4. Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer was on a plane with Colin Hanks and Ashton Kutcher in 2003 when the plane lost pressure. Yep, Ashton has experienced plane accidents not just once, but twice! Anyway, the auxiliary power unit of the plane malfunctioned and so the plane depressurized. It’s good to know everyone survived.

3. Allen Collins

Allen Collins is one of the members of the American rock band “Lynyrd Skynyrd”. In 1977, the band flew in a plane that crashed in Gillsburg, Mississippi. Three of the band members died alongside the road manager and two pilots. Allen survived, but had a spine in his neck cracked.

2. Paul McCartney

Some of you might not be aware about this incident since it didn’t get much press coverage. Paul and his wife were flying back home with a private pilot. Upon descent, the pilot became disoriented and the plane almost crashed into the woods. Luckily, the vehicle stopped just two feet away from the trees.

1. Jay Z


The plane carrying Jay Z landed safely, until a rushing limousine crashed into the plane. It was driven by a female fan who was said to be too excited to see the celebs. Jay Z remained calm about what had happened and decided to use another plane.


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