28 Realistic 3D Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

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28 Realistic 3D Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

Many people look for creative and interesting designs when it comes to tattoo art. Some of them end up beautiful while some are so realistic that you can’t help but stare at them for a while! Are you looking for your next inspiration for 3D tattoos? Whether you are in favor of 3D tattoos or not, take a look at some of the most daring designs ever conceptualized.

28. Where’s Your Head At?

Look at me while I’m talking to you. That would be the mouth below my nose, thank you very much. This 3D tattoo of a mouth on a scalp is a good scare, especially for the kids.

27. Engraved Leg

At first glance, you’d think that this is a wooden leg which has been engraved with a really beautiful design. It’s as if you can see right through it. Upon further inspection, you’ll find perfection in the details of this 3D tattoo.

26. Gun Tucked In

If you took a quick glance, you’d think there really is a gun tucked in the thigh garter. It really is a perfect blend of femininity and masculinity.

25. Release The Animal In Me.

It’s as if the man and the elephant are of one body. It looks so realistic that you’d believe that there is an actual elephant in front of you.

24. Cyclops’ Cousin

This looks like a horrible prank that’s gone wrong. Too bad it’s permanent.

23. Leg Garter

This 3D tattoo gives a very elegant and feminine look to women.

22. Let Me Take A Picture (Camera)

People with a good sense of humor and a passion for the arts will definitely understand this one.

21. Seeing Double

Oh no! Which pair of eyes is the real set? She may need another pair of glasses for this double vision problem.

20. Special Edition Chucks

If anyone sees this special edition of Chuck Taylor’s, will you please let me know? I can’t find them anywhere.

19. 3-D Feather

A delicate feather resting on her hips, perhaps after a major pillow fight.

18. Fly, Fly Butterfly

You’d really think a butterfly was resting on her shoulder.

17. Lace Me Up!

Ouch, that looks totally painful. Oh wait, it’s just a 3D tattoo.

16. Bionic Arm

Bionic man is finally here to save us!

15. Pocket Watch

This beautiful masterpiece really looks like the real deal. Too bad it can’t tell the exact time though.

14. Animal Paw Print

Whoa, that paw print is huge! Which animal attacked you when you went hiking last summer?

13. Optical Illusion

Are my eyes playing a trick on me? It looks as if I can poke my finger through.

12. Butterfly On My Shoulder

Please stay still until I take a picture so that this butterfly stays exactly where it is. Oh wait, it’s 3D art!

11. Look Before You Leap

The great shading on this black and white masterpiece is spot on. You’d really think the man is about to jump off the edge.

10. The Hidden Map

The map of the hidden treasure is under your skin. This is totally awesome!

9. Zip Me Up!

Who’s been acting as you this entire time?

8. King Cobra

Yikes, you’d better be careful or that snake will attack you!

7. Can You Say Eye?

Wow, it’s really staring back.

6. My Guardian Angel

Now, that’s a great piece of sculpture.

5. Unleash The Spiderman

Spiderman does exist!

4. The Eye

Here lies my third eye.

3. Hear Me Roar!

Is a tiger really coming out of him?

2. Unleash The Werewolf

There’s a little werewolf in all of us.

1. The Art Of Renaissance


Now, that’s true art.


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